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October 17

This year we are deeper involved in the Biennale Venezia project. The general task is to adopt the entire pavilion design for the reality of the exhibition construction. Together with engineers and project managers we would find the best solutions for each exhibitor.

This June BMI-design together with the constuction team from the Baeren GmbH company will oversee the process of the exposition construction and manage the processes around each of exhibitors. In addition to our usual business this year we are involved in the process of matching appropriate materials and special elements (such as lighting, multimedia, furniture, construction elements, print graphics preparation).

Later on we would publish the material about construction process and final pictures of the successfull cooperation result at the Biennale 2014

September 22

In continuation to the successful work experience for the Yamazaki MAZAK corporation our team begins exciting and complicated design process for the 692 sq.m. booth at the AMB 2014 that would open its doors in september this year. Starting with machines planning and positioning we would prepare the initial concept with general wall elements and precisely modeled Mazak machines

One of the pearls of the Mazak booth exposition would be the Le-man winner car the Audi R18, that was built using the metal details that were made using the Mazak machines. Final version of the booth design would be presented in august with detailed planning of each detail of the booth.